Music Monday: 50 Years of “Exile on Main St.”

The 12th American studio album, released on May 12, 1972

Next up on Rolling Stones albums turning 50 years old is “Exile on Main St.” which just so happens to be my all-time favorite album by this band.

Track Listing

  1. “Rocks Off”
  2. “Rip This Joint”
  3. “Shake Your Hips”
  4. “Casino Boogie”
  5. “Tumbling Dice”
  6. “Sweet Virginia”
  7. “Torn and Frayed”
  8. “Sweet Black Angel”
  9. “Loving Cup”
  10. “Happy”
  11. “Turd on the Run”
  12. “Ventilator Blues”
  13. “I Just Want to See His Face”
  14. “Let It Loose”
  15. “All Down the Line”
  16. “Stop Breaking Down”
  17. “Shine a Light”
  18. “Soul Survivor”

1994 Virgin CD

As with the “Sticky Fingers” album, I also have the 1994 release of this CD which was a re-creation of the original LP.

those fold out cards are mini versions of the postcards that came with the original album

Double Album

The biggest hits on this album are “Happy”, “Loving Cup”, “Shine a Light” and the most well known being “Tumbling Dice” and are regularly played on classic rock radio stations. The entire album and production is kind of muddy and even reissues and remastered versions are cleaned up some, but still have that sound like it was recorded in a villa off the south of France… which is was.

I do play this album from start to finish at least once a year and it still remains my all-time favorite after each play. Any comments from my readers about this album?

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