Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreos

The Package

It looks like the last time I blogged about a flavored Oreo was late October 2016. As for the other flavored/limited edition Oreos I’ve had in the last 4+ years but have yet to blog about them, I found about eight flavors. Wow!! Time to go back in time and get caught up with those posts. For now, here is the latest I found recently at the grocery store – Strawberry Frosted Oreos.

In The Middle

These are based on the regular Golden Oreos, which the cookie part is not any kind of special flavor itself. Just the center creme filling. Which thickness wise, it identical to a regular Oreo cookie.

And there is the glitter

I’ve had several of these Oreos so far and they are not bad taste wise. They do have a strawberry flavor that is not too weak or overly sweet. They pair well with a glass of Strawberry Quik milk which enhances the strawberry flavor of these Oreos. I like them but admit that I will only be enjoying this one package while waiting for the next limited edition flavor.


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