The Day After Election Day 2020

2020 election
Results from Google at 5pm MST 11/4/2020

Nailbiter is what they are calling this Presidential Election. Who knew it would come down to the same three states from 2016: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Although when I am posting this, Pennsylvania is still counting their votes. And so is Nevada, which doing the quick math here, would given Biden 270 Electoral College votes.

Also, maybe I underestimated all of these Trump supporters, but take any concern in this country… let’s say COVID-19. Nearly a quarter of a million people have died. And there are over 68 million voters who pretty much don’t give a fuck. Most of them probably don’t wear a mask. A portion of them drive a truck with a flag that says “NO MORE BULLSHIT”. They don’t have compassion or care for anyone but themselves, which they share that same mindset with Trump.

I am puzzled at times, wondering how we are still fighting the good fight on trying to restore peace, decency, kindness and so many other positive traits against a barrage of hate, disregard and privilege and not making the inroads we should be.

At this point, we can see a path to victory. And aside from the lawsuits, the dozens of lawyers who won’t get paid by Trump, the packed Supreme Court with those who care only about being in power and control and the latest judge being a favorite on 45’s phone – ready to dial her up and direct the narrative of “For The Country”. If it were for the country, we would let democracy be front and center.

Let’s hope it ends well for those of us that want the best for this country. Not some fired Reality TV star that only cares for himself and not 331 million citizens.

Until then, I’m doing my best to keep my anxiety in check.


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