Trump Marine One
Original image found at Stringer News

And there in the form of a departing Marine One is the end of an error, borrowing that headline from many other news and blogging sources.

Good Riddance to 45

For more than 4 years, we have been subjected to all manor of mayhem from POTUS 45 and his gang of thieves, almost ending democracy two weeks ago with their cult followers, domestic terrorists and infiltrated leaders and their efforts and eventual failed attempt to takeover the US Capitol building, with a temporary disruption of the Electoral College count process. Let the Orange-Hued disrupter stay in Florida and never return. At least that’s my hope.

Big Welcome to 46

Original image found at Politico

After a smooth, enlightening, intelligent, entertaining and terrorist-free day of inauguration events, President Joe Biden got day one off to a great start with a good set of executive orders to undue some of what Orange Dictator tore apart. The relief alone for those of us that have had extreme anxieties the last 4 years is very much welcome.

I am hoping for a boring 4 years of Biden and his administration fixing the broken things and returning the normal democracy that we need to have in this country.