Wunderlist Going Away

Original image found at PC Mag UK

I’ve been using Wunderlist as my main to do list app for several years now. It’s easy, it’s on multiple platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Kindle and the web. Easy to keep track of items and set reminders for items due. I really like it.

But, Microsoft bought them two years ago and for the most part, they left Wunderlist alone. Until recently. There’s a blog post up at Wunderlist’s blog that details the grim news: Wunderlist is going away [later this year, no date was given]. I am sad. Very sad.

The news gets worse. Microsoft is replacing it with it’s app called Microsoft To-Do. They call it a preview app. More like pre-Alpha. Pathetic if you want my honest opinion.

This pathetic app is only available for iPhone, even though that blog post says there will be eventual support for Mac, iPad and Android. And the app will gain more features. Given that this was well over a month ago and hardly any new features have been added to the app, I’m not holding much hope for a robust app. Also, given Microsoft’s treatment of the Sunrise app they bought and the endless promises of how the features would be rolled into the Outlook mobile app, I really think none of us Wunderlist users can place much faith into Microsoft promises after they purchase an app.

So my search for a to-do app outside of the details Reminders that is standard on every Mac, iPhone and iPad continues.


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