2012 Nissan Sentra – 5 Years Later

nissan sentra
5 years old and paid off

That 5 years went by quick.

Going back to February 2012 when I posted about getting a new car. Well, that new car is now 5 years old and paid off.

And I have no current plans to trade it in for another car, new or used. I want to enjoy at least 18 months of no car payment and only worrying about upkeep and regular maintenance.

Besides, this car has been pretty good. During the time I owned it, the 5 year warranty was used a few times to fix issues with the struts and other issues that new cars shouldn’t have. Outside of warranty repairs, I have replaced the tires and the windshield. I still get close to 30 mpg on the highway and it’s a smooth riding car with just over 60,000 miles on it.

And while the picture does not show all of the paint chips, nicks, broken fog light (passenger side on the lower front of the bumper) new rock chips in the windshield and various other wear and tear points over the last 60 months, the car does actually look pretty good for its age.

I’m going to enjoy this car – sans monthly car payment – for as long as I can, or 18 months whichever happens to be when I want to start the car payment ticker all over again.


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