tintfa 2017
It’s back after a long hiatus

TINTFA is back. It’s been a while, so I will cover what the acronym stands for:

  • Things I Need To Fucking Accomplish
  • And for the clean version:

  • Things I Need To Finally Accomplish
  • I posted my end of year 2016 thoughts, which mentioned I would post an update with the things I wanted to accomplish in 2017. I’m a couple days past when I said I would post this, but here it is.

    Almost 2 Years Ago

    It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted any type of TINTFA update. The last update had progress in me looking for work, and not the actual getting of the job, which would have been updated if I did a February 2015 TINTFA post.

    I’m taking a different approach with the TINTFA return. Going to post 3 of my long term goals in this post, then every time I complete a short term item, I will make a separate blog post for each one I complete. That will generate a lot more blog posts, or at least that’s the idea to see a quantity of progress I will make in 2017.

    Big 3 for 2017

  • Taking better care of my health

  • – While I’m not in any horrible shape, I am out of shape, I don’t eat as well as I should and it’s concerning to me as I approach 54 years of age this coming August. One of the issues, which I’ve not discussed before out here, is Type 2 diabetes. This is the diet and pill controlled one. I want to prevent myself from going into Type 1, which I have a family history, mostly on my mom’s side. As I make progress on this, there will be a TINTFA blog post to outline what I am doing to make improvements to my health.

  • Read More Books

  • – this one has been on my lists and TINTFA posts for several years. I really do want to meet and surpass my Goodreads Challenge of 24 books for 2017. When I finish a book, I will post the TINTFA post in a book review. Double the incentive.

  • Filming

  • – since 2007, I used to work on a lot of personal film projects. Everything from my first short video that was shown at the 2007 Treo Film Festival to Scooter Sunday episodes and the Snowy Sunday videos that I used to force a more positive attitude during the colder months. Then they stopped. Like I lost interest, which I didn’t, but to all of you, it did look that way. I am wanting to push myself to make more videos this year. Get back to the times I lost myself in happiness putting these 2-5 minute shorts together and posting them for my viewers. While not contained in a TINTFA post, these will on their own each time I post a new creation, with the Scooter Sunday videos going over on scootersunday.com.

    Can I do it? I am damn willing to push myself on this long term TINTFAs and many others that fall under the “got to get them done” list. It’s just a matter of getting myself back into the habit of crossing off these accomplishments.


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