The End Of 2016

2016 sgt peppers
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Thus ends another year. We lost of a lot of people this year, at least in the famous or celebrity label. Some of which made me sad and I am still sad they are gone and no longer adding their talents to this world. What’s even sadder is the few that I see on social media that shame those of us that mourn a favorite musician or actor. To them, I say “Shut the fuck up!” People like David Bowie and Prince and Carrier Fisher are a part of my life, even if I didn’t know them personally. Do not shame me publicly for my words of sadness or condolences. If you don’t like them, scroll on by. No need to use your public platform to make others feel like shit for offering some words of mourning.

Moving on.


As for me personally, I had some areas that I fell short in keeping up with in 2016. TINTFA was non-existent and so were my podcasts, which I really wish I wouldn’t have let my many distractions and other non-important interruptions halt those recordings. Also, it goes without saying how disappointed I was that the videos I make were in a dormant state.

With my most positive and forward thinking mindset, I can say that I really am going to put more efforts into getting back to a productive state in the new year, but until I have some solid and consistent progress in that area, it’s just a series of hopes, list entries and ideas that get written down.

Once I am back from Las Vegas, attending what will most likely be my last CES trade show [NAB in April is better fitted to what my business and career ventures are best matched to], I am going to restart my efforts on podcasts, writing, film making, short videos and other creative outlets and projects I’ve been wanting to complete for many years. Staying on track is never easy for me and it’s difficult to always look back and wish I had made more progress on a regular basis. The goal is to stop looking back, but that’s just as hard as I feel I want to finish what I started. Something to do with my inner workings of my brain. Finding a balance or mix of the forward/backwards process is something I aim to find.

January 15

As I mentioned above, I am in Las Vegas all next week for CES – Consumer Electronics Show. Several products that I want to see include cameras, video equipment, drones and home automation. Wearables like the Fitbit fitness tracker is another interest that I like to stay on top of, mostly for personal reasons. I’ve enjoyed going since 1992, taking a 10 year break along the way due to shit life threw at me to deal with during those absent years.

It’s also like a regroup after the end of the year to try and make some ass kicking start to the new year. Come January 15th, I plan to have some things lined up for several of my online presences, including this blog.

It’s worth another shot to try and get some things completed in my life. A retooling of the TINTFA, if you will.

2016, you were a mixed bag. Not horrible, but nothing for me that I would call grand or productive. Let the new year begin. Updates on all of this coming in 16 days.