Throwback Thursday: Original iPod touch

ipod touch
a 1st gen iPod touch still in use

This is the first iPod touch that was purchased for my wife as a Christmas gift in late 2007. It’s the 16 gb model. I wanted to get the 32gb model, but couldn’t find one and it was super pricey.

ipod touch
a bit scratched up, but it works well. That “light” in the upper right part is a reflection, not a camera or flash

Up until a week ago, this was at my wife’s work used in a iPod speaker dock so she could listen to music at work. She switched offices where only headphones are allowed and she wants more music where her 5th gen iPod touch at 64gb will be a better option.

Like my original iPhone, this one will stay around until it dies. The App store login still works, even though there hasn’t been any app updates in years with this model maxing out at iOS 3.1.3.

I think eventually, when I upgrade my wife’s iPhone to at least a 64gb model, both iPod touch models will just become music players where offline music is king.


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