Throwback Thursday: Blogography T-Shirts

blogography t-shirt
A Little Geeky – purchased in June 2007

I think most of us that are still a part of and were a part of the original blogger circle of friends got connected via Dave2 from As part of that original connection, Dave2 created several products of swag, including t-shirts. I never got the original white t-shirt, but ended up getting three of the other Lil Dave and Bad Monkey themed shirts. This first was the A Little Geeky t-shirt above, which actually predates this blog.

blogography t-shirt
Zombies Ate My Brain – purchased date unknown

I don’t recall when I purchased this Zombies Ate My Brain t-shirt. The other two t-shirts, I have my original email receipts. I wasn’t able to find the email for this t-shirt. This one gets worn a lot, mostly because I like the darker color of blue that goes with more of what I wear on a fairly regular basis.

blogography t-shirt
Do Not Push This Button – purchased in May 2008

Along with several decks of Blogography playing cards, this shirt is approaching 10 years old. As with the other two shirts, the wear has been very good. The quality of shirts that Dave2 used was great. Only the screen pattern used is starting to crack over repeated wearings and washings.

marty daytona beach
Taken at Daytona Beach, FL on October 25, 2009

This t-shirt gets worn the most and I have many photos of me wearing this shirt, as the above photo shows. I regularly get people that walk up to me and push the button. This works well in bars, parks, house parties and various other social events.

I know these shirts will eventually wear out and I would love to replace them with other Blogography themed shirts.


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