More Thoughts on Election 2016

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I was going to post this out on Facebook, but given my dislike for that social media platform and realizing I have a blog that I can be more vocal on is a much better place to post more of my thoughts on this election. Besides, I don’t need to stir up my Trump loving FB friends and agonize over their closed-minded comments that I would get en masse.

My Thoughts

  • Religious people voted for the least religious of all the GOP candidates;
  • – This, to me, is the most glaring example of hypocrisy of Trump voters. They had almost a dozen candidates that were Jesus freaks on the most extreme level and none of them made the cut. Trump, who we saw during the election, was forcing himself to pretend he was some kind of religious person. It’s pretty obvious to all he’s not and some say he might be atheist, which is not a bad thing. In fact, if that’s true, he would be the first atheist president this country has elected. But all religious pontification aside, the values voters and religious nuts are now stuck with the one candidate that shares almost none of their beliefs.

  • Michael Moore, The Simpsons and Rage Against The Machine all predicted a Trump win, even if it wasn’t intentional;
  • – Well, Michael Moore’s letter was intentional in every word he spoke. But the other two, pure creative genius to call it more than 15 years ago. And a nod to Mr. Moore for actually calling out the states – Michigan [which has Trump leading as I write this but hasn’t officially called the state for him], Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – that gave Trump the deciding Electoral College votes to put him over 270.

  • Evan McMullin took votes away from Trump in Utah;
  • – As I posted at the end of October, I considered voting for Evan. A vote for him in Utah wouldn’t have changed the outcome for either Trump or Hillary. It did, however, change how many votes Trump got. I seriously doubt Evan took that many votes away from Hillary. Most of Evan’s supporters were very heavy anti-Trump. So in a way, I applaud Evan for his efforts to take some steam out of the Trump blowhard machine.

  • Democrats didn’t show up to vote this time;
  • – I am very disappointed in the party I have called my own since I was 18 years old. The big negative for me was the DNC throwing Bernie Sanders under the bus and driving over him multiple times just so Hillary could finally win her election she lost to Barack Obama in 2008. Well, we know how this played out Tuesday night. Watching those states that Mitt Romney lost in 2012 by decisive margins. I’ve voiced my thoughts on this before, but that’s what I think was a major factor in less votes for her.

  • Trump calling for unity now that he’s won, but ran a divided campaign;
  • – Mexicans, Muslims, women, disabled people, gays, LGBTQ, blacks… pretty much anyone but white males got name checked when it came to who Trump didn’t like and wanted to find as a less than. But a change of title to president-elect, and the tone changed to wanting to unite for the better of the country. And we are supposed to get behind this, forgetting everything that was done and said? I don’t think so. We need some time and proof. I’ll be waiting right here.

  • Trump supporters asking those of us against him to “give him a chance” before criticizing him;
  • – Are they fucking delusional? These are mostly the same people that have hated Obama since he started campaigning. Talk about oxymoronic. With everything that was said and done during the campaign [see above], it’s hard to simply buck up and get behind a Trump presidency without some time to actually see what he does.


Yes, there are a couple about Trump, believe it or not.

  • I don’t want Trump to fail;
  • – I’m being serious here. I really don’t. For Trump to fail would mean the entire country to fail. I’m not opposed to him being found guilty of doing something stupid, but only at his expense and not to the collective country.

  • Maybe Trump will trump his voters;
  • – This is entirely wishful thinking on my part, but what if the erratic and egotistical president-elect were to do an about face on the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade and exporting illegals? All 3 things his supporters want shut down and done away with. It’s a remote possibility that he played to the masses with his rhetoric and horrific rants. A boy can dream, right?

That’s all I have for now. I might have another post, but I’ll allow more time to collect additional thoughts first.


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