Episode #080 – Disgusting Behavior


north carolina bathroom

News – Story 1: Former US Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, charged with sexually abusing students
News – Story 2: Gay Drama Teacher responds to anti-gay parent
News – Story 3: Woman kicked out women’s restroom after being mistaken for transgender

  • RANT: Leaving trash in a parking lot
  • – back in Episode #029, I ranted about how disgusting it is when people leave a dirty diaper in a parking lot; not to be excused are those who dump their trash in a parking lot; the other night, I was at the grocery store and spotted someone’s Arctic Circle cups and burger bag left behind; who the hell does this? who the hell thinks this is acceptable to not walk 40 feet to a trash can and dispose of their waste?; I am sick of seeing this total disrespect for the public; people just are selfish; yes, it’s cold outside with snow and ice; but it can’t take a few mins to go put this in the trash; hell, leave it in your car and take it into your house to the trash; or maybe the house these people live in is already a pile of trash; I have zero respect for any of these lazy members of society and their selfish mindsets.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: My trifecta of seeing Slash in 3 different bands
  • – Guns ’N Roses, Velvet Revolver and his solo band; back in 1991, I saw GnR, which still had Slash in the band, even though it wasn’t the original line-up; then in 2005, I saw Slash in Velvet Revolver, which had Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots on vocals, as well as Matt Sorum and Duff McKagen from the GnR days; and now, after several visits to Utah, I finally got to see Slash with his backing band The Conspirators last October; the show was incredible and Slash and his band played for 2 hours; Myles Kennedy on vocals took the set list and made it his own, including GnR songs, the lone Velvet Revolver song “Slither”; so many of the songs he wrote and performed with Slash on the last couple of albums were performed; Slash and his trademark top hat were in full form; I have played his last two albums to death and knew every song performed; With many bands skipping Utah these days, it’s nice to see someone as big as Slash still bringing the live show to Salt Lake City.

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    News Links

  • Dennis Hastert Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison in Hush-Money Case
  • Gay Drama Teacher Had the Perfect Response to an Anti-Gay Parent
  • North Carolina Woman Kicked Out of Ladies’ Bathroom By Police
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