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Episode 019

– Change Is Evident **

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  • – Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mother’s out there; this is one of those days where i do miss my mom; i enjoyed the last Mother’s Day with her in 2005 with my brother and sister and our family; i will always be grateful we did that for my mom.
  • – I’ve been trying to stop having the weather dictate my Fitbit activity; the gym helps, but I like to just walk outdoors, too; this weekend, it was cold and rain be damed as worked towards that 10k step goal.
  • News – Story 1: US Supreme Court rules in favor of pubic prayer for a town
  • – Greece, NY was granted an exception by a 5-4 vote, to be allowed to hold public prayers during it’s city council meetings; other religions challenged and out of 120 or so meetings, only 4 of those meetings had a prayer that was given by a non-Christian believing individual; this is a dangerous trend as there is always a court precedent that gets applied to other court decisions down the road; even though the Surpreme Court’s ruling only applies to this one town, it has the possibility of being used as leverage for other cases; prayer is a personal thing, or at least it should be; public prayer has always been in direct violation of the general rule of prayer; even the Bible in Matthew 6:5-6 says prayer is not for public, but in private; so for those to push their single religious belief of public prayer, it’s just seems wrong; also, the sole idea of separating church and state is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration; giving legal preference to a single religion goes against the entire fabric of Freedom of Religion.
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  • News – Story 2: Arkansas judge strikes down same-sex marriage ban
  • – did not issue a stay, which means marriage licenses were allowed to be immediately issued, which so far has only been on county in that state; another step towards full marriage equality; at least until those who are against marriage equality waste time and money to appeal the ruling and drag it out for months; here in my state, Utah still spending time and money to uphold their ban; recap: 17 states and Washington D.C. have made marriage equailty legal; currently 72 law suits are pending in various courts; since the 2013 Surpreme Court ruling on DOMA, 11 federal cases have been decided in favor of marriage equality plantifs; someday, marriage equality will be legal nationwide to all tax-paying citizens, not just the majority.
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  • News – Story 3: Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in the NFL
  • – drafted by St. Louis Rams; was drafted in the 7th round; a great player that caused a stir amongst those who would think it to be a concern for a gay athlete to play in the NFL would not be good; well, get over yourselves… this isn’t about being gay, it’s about being able to play; and if Michael Sam is as good as he has been in college, the NFL is in for a nice surprise; This is 2014 people; yes, the NFL is a man’s world, but it can change it’s mindset and still be the professional game without hurting the legacy; get with the times; it should always be about the talent in the person; maybe once we can focus on getting good players in the league again, there will be less focus on excluding players and change the attitudes within.
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    stormtrooper selfie

  • RANT: A barrage of Selfies
  • – I admit that I tire of seeing so many selfies posted; especially so from the same people over and over; With apps like Instagram, the selfie has taken on a social media trend that has exploded; I get the idea behind sharing pics of yourself; you want to be in the picture, but it gets too much at times; so many pics with one of your arms extended; taken with the front camera on your phone, which shows any words on your shirt as mirrored; the dark, seedy dimly-lit area of the club you are at where I can barely make out who’s making out; 30 pics in a row where it looks like you only moved an inch or two in any direction between shots; I’m not picking on any one in particular, as it’s millions of you; Want to share a quick moment of your and your kids… that’s cool; there’s a celebrity behind you at an event… take that selfie; but so many and way too often has me burnt out on the selfie; take a look at your Instagram feed and see if you see a growing pattern; then curb back your selfie addiction; some of us will thank you.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  • – on HBO; the first episode is free on YouTube; Most know John Oliver from his stint as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; John got his big break when Jon took a leave from the show to film a movie and John ran The Daily Show for many weeks; this show is refreshing and completely uncensored, complete with no bleeps; it borrows from The Daily Show format, but that’s ok; if you have HBO, watch this show; if you don’t, find this show elsewhere.
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