Episode #078 – Use The Force


News – Story 1: Disneyland and Disney World break ground on Star Wars Land
News – Story 2: BYU student reported rape, school using Honor Code to investigate her based on police case
News – Story 3: Panama Papers – the whole story

  • RANT: The cost of alcohol at concerts
  • – I think I am done buying drinks at concerts, at least here in Utah; the limited selections we have here are pathetic at best; 3.2% ABV beer that costs $10 or more for 16 oz cups; any hard alcohol needs to be drank inside a tiny area (if the venue has such an area) and you can’t take your drinks to your seats; on top of that, a cocktail made with something like Absolut is $12, with barely 1.5 oz of vodka in that drink; before you know it, you’ve blown through $60 and barely have any kind of buzz; there are some outdoor venues like Red Butte and Deer Valley that allow you to bring your own wine or beer in, which I do enjoy shows at those places; or there’s the tailgating option in the parking lot with your own hooch, if you don’t get caught by the parking lot goons; there’s always the option of a plastic flask to sneak it into the venue, but for the most part, I think I’d rather just enjoy the show without the worry of the asinine liquor laws getting in the way of having a good time.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Laughed my ass off at this video of a washing machine destruction
  • – this week’s details are pretty short and you need to go to the show notes to watch the YouTube video of a washing machine getting destroyed; the guy who did this put a large metal motor part into a washing machine powered up outside and then filmed it; I can’t tell you why I find this kind of thing so funny; my wife says it’s because I’m still a boy at heart; she laughed, but no where near as long as I did.

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    News Links

  • Disney Parks Break Ground on ‘Star Wars’ Land
  • Prosecutor says rape case is threatened by BYU Honor Code investigation
  • What are the Panama Papers? A guide to history’s biggest data leak
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