Music Monday: Bowie + Amanda + Strings

Bowie Amanda
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A Music Monday on a Thursday? Sure, why not. It’s about a cool project related to the late David Bowie.

Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Jherek Bischoff have an EP of 6 songs that are covers of David Bowie songs, including the recent “Blackstar” track, done to a string orchestra.

Listen below:

Buy It Now

Pretty fucking cool, huh? Now you must buy it. The price? Name your own price. Pay $1 or $5 or $20. It’s your call. Click here to go to the page, then find the “Buy Now” option and donate your desired amount. PayPal is the default method of payment.

As a major Bowie fan, and a deep appreciation of the talent that Neil Gaiman and his wife Amanda Palmer have, how could I not purchase this.


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