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News – Story 1: Americans Who Consider Themselves Christian reduced by 8 percent;
News – Story 2: Satanists sue Missouri over Religious Exemption using RFRA law;
News – Story 3: F.A.O. Schwarz closing NYC Flagship store;

  • RANT: For LDS faithful, coffee and tea are banned, but caffeinated soda is ok
  • – since the 1800’s when Mormon scripture banned the use of hot drinks, there’s been confusion on what is considered ok by the big wigs at the head of the LDS church; a few years back, some type of official statement was made that neither demonized nor authorized the consumption of Coke and Pepsi, the full sugar, full caffeinated versions; Diet Coke fans also listened and interpreted the vague memo to see if their coveted zero calorie, artificial ingredient infused fix multiple times a day was ok in the eyes of the LDS faithful; meanwhile, coffee, which comes from a natural bean and tea, which comes from a natural leaf, are still banned; yes, stuff can be added to coffee like half and half and some people add a lemon wedge or a spoonful of sugar to their iced tea; last I checked a lemon wedge came from a tree without caramel color and phosphate added to it; this just boggles the mind that what’s natural is bad but what’s artificial is official, in a sort of semi-official vague way.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Sour Shoes, one of the Wack Packers on The Howard Stern Show, is very talented
  • – if you have ever heard the show, there is a member of the Wack Pack that does all sorts of voices, including one that sounds like a baby toddler; he plays the keyboard and often when he calls into the show, he will play various covers of songs; lately, they have had him in the studio where he does spot on Artie Lange and Gary Dell’Abate impressions; his real name is Michael DelCampo and he is 41 years old and still lives at home; there are plenty of opinions of why someone so talented would still be living at home; perhaps there are some mental issues going on; who knows, but what I know is that Sour Shoes is very much a funny part of the Stern Show; he is quick witted and follows the conversation so well and steps in with some type of voice to make his time on the phone or in the studio a treat for any of us listeners.

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    News Links

  • Percentage of US Christians drops by 8 percent
  • Satanists file “urgent” federal lawsuit over Missouri abortion restrictions
  • How F.A.O. Schwarz Ushered Kids Into the Class Wars

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