Mtn Dew Baja Blast

baja blast

It’s rare I drink soda anymore. Some years ago, I ended up with a kidney stone, after being asked “how many sodas do you drink a day?” [my answer was “I refill my 64 oz. mug at least 2 times a day”]. So yeah, scared me a bit… errr. a LOT.

When I do drink a soda, it’s normally because I’m curious about a new flavor. In this case, the Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

This used to be an exclusive fountain only soda at Taco Bell. And since I rarely eat at Taco Bell, I never really had the urge to try this Baja Blast flavor. Now it’s available in cans and 20 oz bottles at your local grocery store, which I picked up one the other day, after seeing it sit on the shelf. Calling out “TRY ME!”

The last soda I had was a Sprite the other night, which I normally mix with Crown Royal Black. I prefer the lighter sodas, so the light green hue of this flavor was a draw.

Opening up the cap [which I do slowly – never know how shaken up these bottles get], the smell was good. Taking my first sip, I anticipated good. And yes, the taste is actually pretty good. Flavor wise, I tasted pineapple as the biggest taste. Not overly sweet and the overall flavor of the soda is very consistent between sips. I don’t anticipate drinking this often, but it’s one that I might find myself buying again in the future. Although the bottle says LIMITED TIME ONLY, which I would guess this summer will be the last time to find it in stores.

Making an exception would be if they brought back Pitch Black, which is my all-time favorite Mountain Dew flavor.

If you are a fan of soda, you should try the Baja Blast. If you are a “DO THE DEW” drinker, then you have no excuse not to try this.

Anyone else try this Baja Blast flavor? Post your thoughts below.


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