National Gummy Worm Day

gummy worms
Black Forest-brand Gummy Worms

Today is National Gummy Worm Day, which just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite candies.

My history with gummy worms goes back many years [at least back to the late 80’s] when they were called gummi worms, made by a company called Trolli.

I never really got into gummy bears, even though they were good. My embracing of the worm format for gummy candy ended up being due to the shape and fun format.

And while the Black Forest brand is found in just about every store in the US, I much prefer bulk gummy worms that I find at places like Harmon’s [a local grocer] and Sprouts, an organic grocery store that had a few junk food items.

Worming It

gummy worm
Worm fest, gummy style

A bag of these doesn’t last very long. I tend to eat and eat them until I get the candy/sugar headache. Which I used to follow along with a soda [since replaced by water], which added that extra sugar crash an hour later.

Fun to eat, flavorful and easy to find. Celebrate the day with a bag.


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