Music Monday: #NINsDay In December

Yes, this Music Monday is being posted on a Wednesday.

NINsday, which is hashtag on Twitter as #NINsday, was started by Kapgar. Props to him.

This is an almost 90 min performance from November 8, 2013 at The Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Pretty incredible on just about every level.

All of this is leading up to a DVD from the Tension 2013 tour the band did this past fall. The DVD and Blu-ray won’t be out until mid-Spring 2014, but Trent and Co. gave us this 77 min set to enjoy until then.

And I plan to watch it many times until then.

Set List

The set list from the above performance.

  • copy of a
  • march of the pigs
  • piggy
  • all time low
  • disappointed
  • came back haunted
  • sanctified
  • in two
  • the big come down
  • the hand that feeds
  • head like a hole
  • even deeper
  • while i’m still here
  • hurt

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  1. Awesome! You know, I think Copy Of A is one of my favorite NIN songs of all time. Played that so many times now.

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