Utah’s First LEGO Store Update #5

lego store front
New LEGO store front as of 8/21/2013

It’s been a few weeks since my last Utah LEGO store update, so I decided to walk over to the mall today.


lego store front

lego store front

They have added some signs with cool looking pictures and some updated information to the front of the yellow construction area, which is not very good at being specific. WE WANT AN OFFICIAL DATE! – although the September 20th opening is still one I have penciled in on my calendar.

Will check again next week to see if there is any physical updates. For now, those LEGO fans here in Utah can check this link often to see when they will add official grand opening dates.

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    1. JotItDown says:

      They’re sure dragging this out! Why is it taking forever, are they building counters and displays out of actual Legos???? Whoa, that would be fun – keep us posted Marty!

      1. martymankins says:

        Yes, they are. I hope they stick to the Sep 20th opening date (I will be sad if it’s the week before… )

    2. Rob says:

      Hello again!

      According to this picture of a /very/ official looking LEGO calendar, the Murray Utah LEGO store will have it’s grand opening from the 4th to the 6th of October.


      1. martymankins says:

        Once again, thank you for the details on this. I will be there for sure grand opening weekend. Still guessing the soft opening is Sep 20th.

    3. Rob says:

      Sure, no problem! I’m happy to share what I find with those who want to know. I think the soft opening is a great idea to give the employees a feel for how things work before the onslaught of customers during the grand opening. I’m probably more excited for the first day than the grand opening since I don’t have the most patience in waiting in line for a long time to patronize a business that’s going to be around for a long time. Kinda like when In-N-Out came to Utah, I couldn’t see waiting an hour for a burger, and now you can get one in just a few minutes. On the other hand curiosity can get the best of me. :)

      Anyway… So if you do pop into the LEGO store on the 20th and see a guy who looks to be around 30, wears glasses and is carrying around the really big Sydney Opera House set then that’s probably me. 😉

      1. martymankins says:

        Rob… I was there on the 20th, but didn’t make it over there until around lunch time. I met the guys from the Utah LEGO Users Group (who were using their 30% discount for the day one soft opening). I will be posting a new blog post with some of my first day pictures and a video that I did as well.

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