Music Monday: Rush at Usana

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Rush came through town on the last day of July this year. Originally, I wasn’t going to go, but thanks to a generous storage vender that we do business with at my day job, I was given a ticket and attended another great performance by this Canadian trio.

I saw them last 3 years ago at the same venue – USAna Amphitheater, where they did the Time Machine tour. While that set list was really great, this most recent list of songs performed wasn’t far from greatness.

Set List

  • Subdivisions
  • The Big Money
  • Force Ten
  • Grand Designs
  • Limelight
  • Territories
  • The Analog Kid
  • Bravado
  • Where’s My Thing?
  • Far Cry
  • Set Two:

  • Caravan
  • Clockwork Angels
  • The Anarchist
  • Carnies
  • The Wreckers
  • Headlong Flight
  • Halo Effect
  • Seven Cities of Gold
  • The Garden
  • Manhattan Project
  • Drum Solo
  • Red Sector A
  • YYZ
  • The Spirit of Radio
  • Encore:

  • Tom Sawyer
  • 2112 Part I: Overture
  • 2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx
  • 2112 Part VII: Grand Finale
  • Two Hours Of Awesome

    The trio together in musical action

    There was no opening act. Just Rush. Two sets and an encore, playing their songs like they’ve been playing them for over 30 years… oh wait, they have. And they did so without a skip or glitch.

    Alex’s guitar work is top notch

    Neil pounding the drum kit in all areas

    Geddy’s voice was in great form

    They ended with the entire 2112 Overture, which was very awesome [I had seen it performed before live in 1997], which the crowd was not quite expecting. Yes, there were a couple songs that are crowd favorites that were skipped [“Freewill” and “Working Man” to name a couple], but no worries… they covered it all just great with new songs from “Clockwork Angels” that pleased many, including this long time fan.


    I don’t know how many more years these guys have it in them to tour, but I can tell you, that there were no signs they were slowing down for this performance. Let’s see what the next 3 years brings.


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