I Am Downtown 2013

i am downtown spring 2013
The contest details

Back in June of this year, my daughter and I participated in a video contest called I Am Downtown, which is hosted by the Downtown Alliance of Salt Lake City.

This is the video we made. We shot all of the footage in one day, walking around downtown and capturing different spots.

The Winner

The above video was the grand prize winner. Extremely well edited and well executed character. Complete with special effects. For the 17 entries, it was obvious this one would win.

Reflecting Back

Looking at the video we did, there was a rushed feel to it, which to this creator and editor, shows through. Given more time being spent on filming and editing [I used my Canon Rebel T4i], we could have made a better video. Lessons learned for this video were many [editing HD into Final Cut Pro had it’s share of challenges]. But hey… we had fun and submitted the entry into this contest.

Perhaps next year, we’ll be back with our own Downtown adventure that dazzles and impresses the judges.


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