GoPro HERO5 Black Arrives

Gopro hero5
I now have a GoPro HERO5 Black

I bought a GoPro HERO5 Black recently. I attended the NAB trade show in Las Vegas towards the end of April and visited the GoPro booth, where I entered to win an array of GoPro products, including the HERO5 Black. Alas, I didn’t win, but I was emailed a 25% off the purchase of a HERO5 Black and up to 3 accessories. I added an extra battery to my order. I used PayPal Credit to get 6 months 0% interest, which made it an easy purchase.

Gopro hero5
HERO5 Black view from above

I have owned a HERO2, which I sold last year when I bought my HERO4 Silver with the same booth visit 25% off deal.

Gopro hero5
HERO5 Black – front view

I’ve done some filming with it. It’s a nice upgrade from the HERO4 Silver, with 12MP camera for still shots and up to 4K video. The camera only can use up to a 64gb microSD card, which is a bit limiting in this day and age of 128GB memory cards, but it will work for now. I will just have to offload videos if I fill up the card too quick.

Gopro hero5
HERO5 Black – back view

I plan to use this HERO5 Black this summer with several video projects and a long vacation (18 days) I will be taking to Europe in July. For now, I will be getting used to the camera and how it works so I can actually records stuff on it without having to learn on the go.


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