Starbucks Refreshers

starbucks refreshers
Starbucks Refreshers

Starbucks has created another drink that is coffee based [using unroaasted green coffee extract]. It’s called Refreshers and they are very refreshing. I tried the Cool Lime today.

Free Refresher Today

just for you
Image found on Starbucks Google+ post

And from 12 noon to 3pm today (Friday July 13, 2012) they are giving away 1 free tall (12 oz.) to each person.


cool lime
the name says it all “Refresher”

So right at noon today, I walked over from my work and decided to give the Cool Lime a try [there is also the Very Berry Hibiscus, which I will have to try on my next visit]. It’s really good. Very refreshing, not tart at all (like some lime drinks can be) and has that hint of coffee taste to perk it up. The juice is fresh and the chill is not too cold. And for under 100 calories for either the tall (which I tried) and the grande sizes, it’s a nice alternative to an iced latte or a frappuccino.

As much as I love my iced vanilla lattes, I might have to choose this drink more often in the future. Call me an instant fan of this new Starbucks creation.

This post was not sponsored by Starbucks. Just me being a fan of their products.


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