Fell Short on 30 Days Of 8

This is the photo I started 30 Days Of with

30 days ago, I joined Kapgar and his group 30 Days Of that he created on Flickr. For the first 16 days, I posted a photo each day. But then I got behind and ended up only posting 19 out of the 30 days.

reflection scutah
One of the more creative shots I was able to capture

I had every intention of posting every day, but those distractions in life got the best of me.

sky view
The view from the ground and of the sky

I did ride my scooter a lot more, though, which was a nice way to start the days leading up to summer.

scutah clouds
Glad I caught this shot early in the morning.

There will be more posts from the scooter, including yes… Scooter Sunday episodes.

Maybe I will complete the 30 days for the 2014 edition. One can only try.

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