Throwback Thursday – October 1999

marty tiff
Taken at Jungle Jim’s on October 19, 1999

It wasn’t too long ago that I did my first Throwback Thursday post. A few months, yes, but let’s see if I can make this a weekly thing, shall we?

This one is from October 19, 1999. It was at a place here in Salt Lake City called Jungle Jim’s. It’s a kids place with rides, pizza, arcade games, prizes and catered parties. My daughter Tiffany has turned 8 about 3 weeks before and this is where she wanted to have a party with her friends. We are both so young looking in this picture.

I don’t have that many photos from that time, even though I had a digital camera back then [which is how I knew the date]. I lost my laptop 11 months later and didn’t have very good or current backups. Plus, even though I kept a digital calendar since 1992, for some reason, I don’t have any calendar entries in my current calendar before December 30, 1999 [so close, huh?] to mark this birthday party event.

Finding this photo on a flash drive was a nice find and gave me the push to start doing regular Throwback Thursday posts here. Plus, I need to start organizing my photos better, which will help me find more older ones like this one.


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