Final Giveaway Recap

Oh Flickr… you spoiled the fun

Or also known as “The Flickr Upset”

Back on May 3rd [yes, over a month ago] I announced the final giveaway for this blog’s 5th blogiversary. The contest ended on May 20th [at which time I disabled comments] and I’m just now announcing the winner.

random 5

And the winner is: Poppy

Not So Fast…

But given the final prize is a year of Flickr Pro, this puts a wrench into this mix, given Flickr’s announcement on May 20th [Oh, the timing of it all] and their discontinuation of Pro accounts.

If Poppy [or Dawg as she eluded to giving the prize to in her comment] already has a Flickr Pro account, they can keep renewing it, which I will work out the prize to them in order to extend their Pro status.

If that is not the case, then I will let Poppy decide how she wants her prize [worth $25, since that’s what a year of Flickr Pro used to be/still is].

Cooled Off

What was supposed to have been an exciting final prize ended up getting trumped by Yahoo! and their upgrade. Granted, this is good for non-Flickr Pro users, who now get a lot more storage space – 1 terabyte – and increased upload sizes.

Read more here about the changes that Flickr made, including how current Pro users are affected.

Now I really have to top myself for the 6th anniversary next year.


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