5 Years of Banal Leakage

5 birthday cake
Original photo found at specialcakes Flickr page
I have no idea who Johan is, but I loved the cake/photo

Five years ago today, I started this blog called Banal Leakage.

And while part of my inspiration to start this blog was loosely based on an in-person visit from Dave2, it was mostly an attempt to move on from my previous blog, which is still going [and still not getting much of an increase in traffic or visitors].

In the 5 years I’ve been posting here, I’ve done 595 posts [including this one] and have had over 5,500 comments. While that might pale in comparison to some blogs, I’m pretty fucking proud to post these kind of stats.


As a disclaimer, today’s anniversary post will have no giveways. But do not fret… I will be offering them throughout the month – a total of 5 of them. They will be pretty obvious, starting with the title GIVEAWAY in uppercase letters. And it will be easy to enter [just leave a comment on that particular blog post]. I’m still coming up with cool prizes. Stay tuned.

5 Years of Thanks

Thank you to all of my readers who have been here since the beginning and to all of those who continue to follow me and to those who find my posts interesting.

Let’s make it another 5 years. I’m pretty sure I will keep blogging here in 2018. And while I do have a few other blogs out there, I tend to carry the torch for this blog.


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