Music Monday: Buckcherry “Confessions”

the new album by Buckcherry

I’ve been a fan of Buckcherry since their first album came out in 1999 and their big breakout hit “Lit Up”. Since then, the band has seen two major line up changes, with Josh Todd and Keith Nelson being the consistent original members. But since 2006, they have had a string of hit songs and albums, starting with “Crazy Bitch” from their only platinum selling album “15”.

Enter 2013 with the new release “Confessions” which leads off with “Gluttony” the too short but repetitive “I want it..” anthem that starts this record of 13 tracks off with a bang.

Track Listing

  1. “Gluttony”
  2. “Wrath”
  3. “Nothing Left But Tears”
  4. “The Truth”
  5. “Greed”
  6. “Water”
  7. “Seven Ways To Die”
  8. “Air”
  9. “Sloth”
  10. “Pride”
  11. “Envy”
  12. “Lust”
  13. “Dreamin’ of You”

First Listen

The band uses a mixture of hard rock guitar and clever lyrics to tell it’s stories on just about every one of their albums: getting drunk, high and/or having sex. What better rock n’ roll example do we need to make the music come alive? While the record is strong for a new release and it’s well constructed in both production and flow, I still have albums like “Black Butterfly” and “All Night Long” to compare to until I get about 20 listens in. But I admit to liking even the slower songs like “The Truth” and “Sloth” which still have that background rock beat.

If you are a fan, this is a must purchase. If you like hard rock bands, but unfamiliar with Buckcherry since their first hit, then check out “15” and “Black Butterfly”. While this is no underrated “Time Bomb” the bands second album, “Confessions” is a great album of hard rock songs that bring power and punch.

Amazon: Buckcherry “Confessions”

iTunes: Buckcherry “Confessions”


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