TINTFA 2012 – 10 Month Update

After this, just one more month to update for 2012… oh wait, I will have a year end update too. Best get crackin’ on this month’s TINTFA progress.

  • Reading Books
  • – Finished Adam Carolla’s “In 50 Years We Will All Be Chicks” – Will start his newest book “Not Taco Bell Material” in a couple of weeks.
    – I have started “Driven To Distraction” which is related to making some changes in my life. Blog post with all of the details on this coming soon… I promise I will fight my distractions to go into as much detail as I can.

  • Exercise
  • – All items remain the same from last update, with the exception of that I am now at a total of 48 weeks that I’ve been going to the gym with at least two visits a week. I’m holding at 13 lbs lost from when I started at the beginning of December 2011. Chin and belly [which are still a main focus] still here, staring me down every time I see myself in the mirror. I am amazed at how I can keep the same weight, while changing some of my workout to add more aerobics and tone the above parts of my body.

  • Blogging
  • Adult Beverages has had 15 posts since it started. October was a slow blogging month for all of my blogs, including the new kid on the blog block. Coming soon in November: mobile phone app reviews, bar reviews [starting with local to me here in Salt Lake]. Podcast auditions are going on at this time, creating that right format that has a heavy entertainment value. Should be sometime in March when video podcasts go live. Sooner if these tests and auditions go smoother than they are now.
    – I am working on an update/status for Scooter Sunday and what’s going on with that project/site. Again, it’s not going away.

The Final Update…

Next month will be the last update for 2012. Then a year end right before the stroke of midnight happens and turns into 2013.

Nothing but respect for those who read this and root me on.


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