New Year – New Cat

Welcome Triscuit

Happy New Year all.

With a new year brings new adventures – a new cat to our home.

A week ago, a member of our family asked us to take his cat as the place he was moving to doesn’t allow cats.

Her first few days here were mostly spent hiding under the bed. It’s a new place and she needs to get acclimated to her new surroundings.

Still shy, but warming up

Up until Triscuit arrived, we had one cat – Rocko – who is 18 and moves slower than normal. While he’s very patient and mostly leaves her alone, he’s still curious what we have done to him.

Staying for a while

So while Triscuit may end up back with her previous owner, she’s welcome here for as long as she stays. Now let’s see how a couple of late 40-somethings and an almost 20 year old feline keep up with the young little thing.


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