Music Monday: Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor
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Since the first time I heard “Head Like a Hole” on the radio, I have loved Nine Inch Nails. So this week for Music Monday, I give you my list of NIN in my life.

  • First NIN Album I Bought:
  • – “Pretty Hate Machine” – the story of how Trent created this album is one of the greatest stories of music. “Sin”, “Ringfinger” and “Sanctified” all remain strong and never sound dated.

  • Favorite NIN Song To End a Workout:
  • – “Right Where It Belongs” from “With Teeth” – There is something about how this song flows that makes it the perfect cooling down to a strong hour long workout.

  • Favorite NIN Album:
  • – 1999’s “The Fragile”. A double album that I regularly play from start to finish. Seriously, the entire (Left) side of the album [commonly referred to as Side 1 or Disc 1] is some of the most consistent music that flows into a single musical moment.

  • Memorable NIN Concert Moment:
  • – I’ve seen NIN live twice: in 2005 for the “With Teeth” tour and in 1994 for the Downward Spiral tour. That tour date was at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City with my then wife Denise. The opening band was Marilyn Manson, but thanks to the giant pussy Larry H. Miller [Robin Finck’s t-shirt said so], he didn’t want someone of that kind playing in his stadium. So instead of Marilyn Manson the band playing, Marilyn Manson the persona appeared on stage during the NIN set and ripped up a Book of Mormon. As for NIN themselves, it was one of the most intense concerts I’ve attended. The sound, the lights, the music, the atmosphere, the audience… all intense.

  • Missed NIN Opportunity:
  • – In 2000, while touring for “The Fragile”, I was given the opportunity to a decent seat/ticket from a friend. I passed due to.. you know, I have no fucking clue why I passed up on opportunity to see NIN again in concert. [It had better been because I was spending time with my daughter.]

  • Favorite NIN Song:
  • – You know how hard this is? Damn, I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. But if I had to, it would be “Heresy” from “The Downward Spiral”. The lyrics, the beat, the overall structure of the song is just good.

  • Favorite cover song done by NIN:
  • – “Physical (You’re So)” from the “Broken” EP. Originally done by Adam and the Ants, Trent and band take this song into the next level. Musically, this song kicks some serious ass. A very close second for favorite cover is “Get Down, Make Love” for the Queen fan in me.

  • Least Favorite NIN Album:
  • – “Year Zero” – I really, really loved the story, the lead up to the album’s release and how they got everyone – fans included – excited for new music. After a good 60 or so listens, there are parts of it that are not that enjoyable to me. Maybe if I saw them live for this tour, it would have got me more into this album.

  • Most Exciting Moment In NIN History:
  • – When Trent won the Oscar for “The Social Network” soundtrack [along side Atticus Ross]. It was like a validation of everything he’s done from the beginning to that point in time. Plus, how cool was it to see Trent in a tux.
    Trent Oscars
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  • Most Respectable Move That NIN Did:
  • – The fan-created video project known as “Another Version of the Truth”, which has the full support of NIN. For Trent and NIN to recognize the power of the fan base over the old media dinosaur method of thinking gives him an incredible amount of respect. Trent’s criticism of the music industry was no surprise, given his support for this kind of project.

Any NIN fans out there? Any favorites you have? Comment away.


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