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Every so often, I get a comment from someone who used my Contact page on this blog. Most of the time it’s a question about something I posted. And most of the time, they would like an answer that I will be more than happy to provide. But with no email address or any other way of contacting those that leave the comments, I’m left with just a comment. Like this latest one I received a week ago for a blog post I did on Classic Fruit-flavored Certs:

[Request for information] Classic Fruit Certs

For some reason the classic fruit flavor Certs came to my mind tonight as I popped a BreathSavers mint into my mouth. Part of the reason is I’m in Germany and I noticed you can’t buy Certs anywhere. Which had me wondering whatever happened to that great tasting fruit flavor I remember as a kid…which led me to your blog. So…what would it take to get a few packs (or 20) of “classic fruit” headed my way? 🙂 I’ve looked everywhere on the web and there’s no place to purchase it. London Drug seems to have it on their site but they only ship to Canada. Have you found any other source than your twitter connection? Thanks!


Well, Mitch. To answer your question, Canada is the only source I’ve found for the classic fruit flavor Certs. And other than my Twitter contact, I’ve not found any other source. Your best bet is to find someone you know from Canada that can ship those to you directly in Germany. And given my sparingly consumption of these wonderful Certs, It may be another year or so before I request more from my Twitter contact.

For anyone else that wants a return answer, your best option is to leave a comment in that particular blog post. That provides me with an email address that I can reply back to with an answer.

Helping people with answers. It’s what I do here on Banal Leakage.


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