Music Monday: Pearl Jam 20 Soundtrack

Pearl Jam 20 soundtrack
Pearl Jam 20 Soundtrack

I blogged about this album a few months back and now that it’s been out for a while [iTunes, Amazon], I’ve been playing it a lot and have to say I am enjoying it very much. It’s a two disc set that takes you way back at the beginning and brings you forward to present day.

Here is the track listing:

    Disc 1

  1. “Release” (live in Verona, Italy, September 16 2006)
  2. “Alive” (live in Seattle, WA, December 22 1990)
  3. “Garden” (live in Zurich, Switzerland, February 19 1992)
  4. “Why Go” (live in Hamburg, Germany, March 10 1992)
  5. “Black” (MTV Unplugged in New York, NY, March 16 1992)
  6. “Blood” (live in Auckland, New Zealand, March 25 1995)
  7. “Last Exit” (live in Taipei, Taiwan, February 24 1995)
  8. “Not for You” (live in Manila, Philippines, February 26 1995)
  9. “Do the Evolution” (Monkeywrench Radio, Seattle, WA, January 31 1998)
  10. “Thumbing My Way” (take 2, Seattle, WA, September 6 2002)
  11. “Crown of Thorns” (live in Las Vegas, NV, October 22 2000)
  12. “Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time)” (Verona, Italy, September 16 2006)
  13. “Walk with Me” (live with Neil Young, Mountain View, CA, October 23 2010)
  14. “Just Breathe” (live in New York, NY, March 13 2010)
  15. Disc 2

  16. “Say Hello 2 Heaven” (Temple of the Dog demo, 1990)
  17. “Times of Trouble” (demo, 1990)
  18. “Acoustic #1” (demo, 1991)
  19. “It Ain’t Like That” (Alice In Chains cover, demo, 1990)
  20. “Need to Know” (Matt Cameron demo, 2007)
  21. “Be Like Wind” (Mike McCready score, 2010)
  22. “Given to Fly” (Mike McCready acoustic instrumental, July 29 2010)
  23. “Nothing as It Seems” (Jeff Ament Montana demo, 1999)
  24. “Nothing as It Seems” (live in Seattle, WA, October 22 2001)
  25. “Indifference” (live in Bologna, Italy, September 14 2006)
  26. “Of the Girl” (instrumental, 2000)
  27. “Faithfull” (soundcheck in Pistoia, Italy, September 20 2006)
  28. “Bu$hleaguer” (live in Uniondale, NY, April 30 2003)
  29. “Better Man” (live in New York, NY, May 21 2010)
  30. “Rearviewmirror” (live in Universal City, CA, October 1 2009)

Tracks that are getting a lot of multiple plays are #6 “Blood”, #11 “Crown Of Thorns”, #26 “Faithful” and #29 “Rearviewmirror”. These songs are so strong as live cuts, demos and sound checks. Track 11 in particular was played at the 10th anniversary performance, which if you know the history of Pearl Jam, you will really appreciate how well this cover was done live. And track 29 was during their last major tour in 2009, which was the last time I saw them live.

Pearl Jam Twenty on DVD

So after you listen to these songs, you need to go and seek out the documentary, which is so well done [it was done by Cameron Crowe, so it has brilliance already written on it]. It’s on DVD and Netflix Instant Watch. You won’t be disappointed.


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