Scooter Sunday – Season 4 Ep. 01

Season 4 has started. Head over to for an all new episode.

Vimeo version – click here.

Season 4

Unlike Season 3 [which only had 4 episodes], I am getting a start on Season 4 early in the season. I plan to produce at least 12 episodes this year, maybe more if the weather permits [warmer non-rainy weather is preferred for any scooter ride].

Last year’s lack of scooter videos was not intentional, just shorter than planned [there were 12 episodes in the queue for last season] thanks to a few personal issues I had to work through in my life that distracted prevented me from doing something that I love to do – filming and riding my scooter. This also explains why there were no Snowy Sunday episodes during this past winter [a more detailed explanation later in another post]

Most of those planned episodes will be part of Season 4, so nothing clever and fun will be lost.

So bookmark and visit often. It’s going to be a great year of scootering and some of the best of Scooter Sunday you’ve ever seen.