Catching Up


Hello. My name is Marty and it’s been a month since the last time I posted here.

Ok, this is not some sort of affirmation. It’s me finally checking in here. Where do I start?

Where Have You Been?

I started this post on May 4th. Today is May 12th. That should give you some idea of my attention to this blog the last month. It’s not that I wanted to ignore this place. I didn’t. But uttering the phrase “life just happened” is not enough.

A lot has happened in the last month that I really want to blog about. To get myself back into a regular blogging schedule, I will be posting some details about what’s been going on with me. For one of the rare times I do blog about work, I will be going into as much detail as I feel comfortable about my day job and the changes I’ve been forced to embrace. Also, I will detail my efforts [or lack of] my workout schedule and why I’m still not working out on a regular basis. And lastly, a detailed and revealing post about my distractions and my many efforts to overcome them.

My plan is to write up these posts here very soon and work towards getting back to posting here.

For now, know that I am ok. I’m not sick or ill. Nor have I or will I ever, quit blogging. I love it too much, even if I do let life get in the way of creating new blog posts. I’m also still very involved with my LEGO minifig Cooper and I still have plans for him this summer. Also, Scooter Sunday will be back for a third season and once I get some decent scooter-riding weather, the filming will commence and I’ll be posting regular [hopefully weekly] episodes. And we’ll see the creation of all the other posts that I wanted to do but was too consumed with other non-blogging related activities.

So as I’ve said in many posts before, stay tuned. I’m working my way back here. To my faithful readers, I thank you for sticking with me during this unplanned hiatus.