I’m Thankful…

thanksgiving friends
Forever Furry Friends

I’m thankful for all of my readers that have been patient with me in my scattered blog posting state these past dozen or so weeks.

I’m thankful for having a daughter that loves music, probably more than I do.

I’m thankful for knowing that I’m liked by my wife’s family.

I’m thankful that I can actually go to work each day and make even the smallest difference, even when those above me may wonder what I do some days. [HINT: I’ve emailed that list to them many times]

I’m thankful for knowing how to make gin and tonics without having to rely on others to do it for me.

I’m thankful to know that 2009 will be ending soon and I can do my best to better manage my distractions to make 2010 a memorable year

I’m thankful for winter time and snow because it gives me a chance to not bitch as much about the cold and snow by continuing to make funny and silly videos.

I’m thankful for 4 solid days off of work, wherein I do my best to do what I want and make some 2010 preparation efforts.

And lastly, I’m thankful that there are people, both in my life now and those that I have known throughout my life, that have shown me love, friendship, the obvious, light, darkness, joy, sadness, logic and a simple form of appreciation.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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