Halloween 2014 – Pee-wee Herman Style

pee-wee marty
All dressed up and no place to go… except to work

Happy Halloween!

Nothing like revisiting a costume. Last year, I was in Los Angeles to see Danny Elfman live and dressed up as Pee-wee Herman. Since I wasn’t at work, I decided to let my work peeps see me in costume.

pee-wee marty
Pee-wee Herman costume in full view

This costume was store bought back in the mid-80’s when Pee-wee Herman was popular on TV. It has survived well and even fits me well, extra inches and all.

Throwback Pee-wee

Pee Wee wanna be
circa 1967 – I was Pee-wee Herman from the beginning

It’s not quite Throwback Thursday, but it’s a throwback for sure. This was me at 4 years old. I was Pee-wee Herman before Paul Reubens created the character.

Work Costume Contest

pee-wee marty
My costume at work

Every year, they have a costume contest at the place I work at during the day and I ended up winning first place. The prize was this beer glass (plastic) that will obviously be having beer in it.

Hope everyone is having a good Halloween this year. Be safe out there tonight.


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