Scooter Sunday #28

You keep watching them, I’ll keep making them…. Scooter Sunday Captured… all new.

Scooter Sunday Captured Ep. 007 from Marty Mankins on Vimeo.

For the YouTube version, click on this link: Scooter Sunday Captured Episode 007


Regular Posting

Now that I have a major work project [mostly] behind me, I can get back to regular blog posting. With the exception of Scooter Sundays, the last two weeks my other blog post has been weak and lazy. Starting this week, I’ll have an additional post, which will be tracking the results of my workout program [now going into it’s 3rd week]. The first post was supposed to go up this last week, but thanks to the major work project sucking every last bit of energy and time from me, I’ve had to put it off. Plus, I’ve got several new posts in the works: New Top 9 Lists, one or two more political posts [I know… I know… people are sick of all this political shit, but it’s almost over – we hope] and many others. The subjects are just pouring out of me.

And starting in January, I’ll be launching a new blog in addition to this one. I will be posting more details on it later, but I did a brief mention at the end of a previous blog post.

AND… something else that’s new will be coming soon. I’ve not mentioned this one before, but I will go into more detail about this at a later date.

Thanks for being patient with me these last few weeks. I’m working to get it all back together on the blog front.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I super loved that tributational sensational scooter-relational video, sir. I’m looking forward to seeing all your new stuff and finding out about your new blog.

    Look how prompt i was in commenting this time! Go, me.

  2. martymankins says:

    catherine – And prompt you were…. Yeah! And I got your correction above… :-) And thanks for the props on the video. I have a blast making them… of course, winter time approaches here and I need to do something else when the scooter sits in the shed for the winter….

  3. Hilly says:

    Shawn is wearing those same exact shorts today…and maybe those same shoes, or shoes like that.

    Now that song is stuck in my head too!

  4. kilax says:

    I love Queen! And I love all of the songs you select. You have good taste in music.

    If I had a scooter, I would hug it too :)

  5. martymankins says:

    hilly – Same shorts and shoes? Does Shawn shop at Nordstrom? I got both shoes and shorts there.

    kilax – This song by Queen clicked so well. I’m glad you like my taste in music… I try to have a good variety.

    And hugging is allowed for any scooter and it’s owner.

  6. kapgar says:

    Hell, at this point, I love your scooter too. And definitely not in that way. More of a jealous love. *sniffle*

  7. Brandon says:

    I’d hug my scooter, but the whole humping it thing went a little bit overboard.

  8. martymankins says:

    kapgar – Jealous love is acceptable.

    brandon – Yeah, it was a bit overboard, although it was more of a hug than a hump.

  9. I’ve been super busy myself since I got back from England so know all too well about not having an awful lot of time for internet related activities.

    I absolutely cracked up at the “that’s not right” caption. I totally thought of you mate when I saw that General Lee scooter in Dublin 😉

  10. martymankins says:

    kevin – And it’s not like I’ve not put in lots of time over the last couple of years at work. Just would like some balance.

    I saw that pic over on your Flickr page. Thanks for thinking of me while touring Ireland. That was a cool looking scooter.

  11. Winter says:

    I love Queen! And if I had a scooter, I’d hug it too! Glad the work project isn’t sucking you dry anymore!

  12. martymankins says:

    winter – That Queen song just fit so well. As for the work project, it’s mostly done, which is good. I just need to work on carving out more time for my writing and blogging… getting back into the mix here.

  13. First of all, I am jealous of your weather if it is warm enough to not have to wear a winter coat!

    Secondly, I am now confident that I could ride in a car with you and not want to kill you about music. You have not used one song yet that I don’t like.

  14. martymankins says:

    tori – Winter will be here soon, but yes, it’s been in the 70’s… nice for late October.

    And I know what you are saying about music in a car. There’s people that I’ve ridden with that I wish I had some sort of earlpugs to put on. Suggesting changing the music sometimes causes more trouble. Glad you and I share the same taste in music.

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