Scooter Sunday #13

Still no scooter. How long does it take to order one fucking part? Sheesh! I guess I’ll find out on Tuesday when I call back to see how much longer I must be without by beloved scooter.

no scooter?
Still no scooter… *sob* I miss it a lot
Quiet Out Here

I know it’s been quiet out here on BL. I meant to work on another blog post mid-week, but for some reason, every time I did, I got distracted or interrupted and had to press ‘Save’ and close it down. I promise next week will have more activity out here.

Club 48

Since last October, there is a bar that has become one of my favorites here in town. It’s called Club 48. I’ve sent many a Twitter from there about it and I can’t say enough great things about it. It’s not fancy by any means, but it’s also not a dive bar, either. They have great drink prices, a very diverse crowd. And they have karaoke on Friday nights.

karaoke me
♫ Women to the left and right of me, and Doritos to the back… ♫

Whenever someone quits the company I work for, we go there to have one last sendoff. We had my going away party there when I quit last October [only to go back to work for them in February of this year]. And we were there in April when my boss left. This week it was Amber leaving, who had been with the company for a while. We will all miss her. Good luck Amber.

me and Amber
“Grrr! Who the hell is this drunk motherfucker next to me??”
Park City

Saturday night, we get a phone call from my step daughter, who is in Park City attending a wedding. Her and her boyfriend got a room and wanted us to come up to watch Ayla (Reba’s granddaughter) while they continued their wedding fun. So being the nice parents we are, we head up the mountain to go babysit and hang out. We like Park City a lot, and have time share there [in fact, right next door to where we were staying ] and enjoy the cooler temperatures in the summer time. Plus, the scenery is really nice.

The Canyons
The Canyons… just a small part of it.
That’s all for now

Thanks for stopping by. Will post again soon… real soon.


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