dasani - coke zero cherry
Bottled Up Zeros

In part of my working out and changing my diet to eat healthier, I still like to stay hydrated. And while I’ve been mostly drinking coffee, water and Monster energy drinks, I wanted to see what this whole zero soda craze was all about. I know Ren has talked about Coke Zero on twitter and if he likes it, it can’t be all that bad.

Coke Cherry Zero

I decided to go with a flavored version of the Coke Zero brand. I’ve enjoyed the regular Cherry Coke since it came out in the mid-1980’s. I’ve tried the diet Cherry Coke and hated it. Just a horrible aftertaste.

As for this Coke Cherry Zero? I actually like it. It’s not bad. It’s not as sweet as what I was expecting. And there wasn’t the weird after taste that most diet drinks have. And with it being zero calories, I felt like it was a good choice over a regular soda that I prefer.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I will start guzzling sodas like I did over six years ago. But if I want one in the future, I will have to find a Coke Cherry Zero. Or maybe venture out and try the Coke Vanilla Zero. It’s an alternative that I can enjoy.


I rarely drink bottled waters, due to the fact that I’m always always near a water fountain that I can refill my aluminum water bottle at work or drink from the faucet at home. But today, I decided I needed a water with me. The Coke products sold at the store checkout counters had Dasani waters for $1.49 each.

Opening the bottle, it emitted a “Pffft” sound, like it had a bit of carbonation in it. It says it’s non-carbonated on the label, so it might have been some pressure from being stored and bottled. Regardless, it was refreshing and I enjoyed the water. To me, it was no different than any other generic brand of bottled water. And it’s zero calories (Duh!) so it was good to have something non-sweetening and non-filling. For the price, I can get a much cheaper option next time, but for today, Dasani was a good choice.

Any fans of the Coke Zero brand?