Scooter at the Park

In last week’s Scooter Sunday comments, Dave2 mentioned how my scooter had been “oddly absent from Scooter Sundays as of late…” And he is right, albeit partially.

Scooter Sunday #17 was a recap of my vacation in Park City, with no scooter coverage at all.

For Scooter Sunday #16, I was on vacation that week, where my scooter remained parked in the shed while I updated my fun time at a concert and the start of my week off in Park City.

Looking at previous posts, there was Scooter Sunday #15 where I raved about my gas mileage I am getting, compared to my car. And then the posts for Scooter Sunday #12, #13 and #14 covered the saga of how the dealer broke my scooter, and it’s glorious [but marred] return.

So while the most recent Scooter Sundays were lacking in scooter coverage, I will do what I can to refocus coverage back on the scooter, at least until the end of the riding season, which I hope to extend well into October.

Speaking of…

I filled up my scooter’s gas tank this last week. The cost was $4.17 for exactly one gallon. It’s obvious that the Honda dealer did some good with my scooter when they did the regular maintenance on it. Either that or it’s broken in now that it’s been driven over 1,400 miles. Regardless what happened, I ended up getting 106 mpg… three more miles per gallon than last tank. I doubt it will get any better than this, but I’m just amazed at how lean it is on fuel [it helps that it doesn’t go over 45mph]. And of course it’s still so fun to ride, getting looks from everyone, including fellow scooter riders.

Long Rides

Last night’s ride was pretty long. My friend had a party at his house. He doesn’t live too far away, but it’s at least five miles from my house. And five miles is actually a decent distance on a scooter. Since this was a drinking party, I stopped at the grocery store to get a couple bags of ice. One bag fit into the seat of my scooter and the other bag laid on the floorboard between my feet.

Then a couple of hours into the party, we ran out of few drink ingredients. Since I wasn’t at a state of inebriation that hindered my ability to drive, I offered to run down to the store to pick up the items. The ride home at 1:30am [I was mostly sober by then] was not bad. I brought my windbreaker with me, since the temperature gets chilly at night. Plus with hardly any cars on the road at that time, it made for a pleasant ride home. Can I say again how much I love my scooter. Oh yeah.

Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn

The popularity of this book series by Stephanie Meyer is incredible. Older teens and adults of every age have snapped up all of these books, including the latest and final part “Breaking Dawn”. My wife just borrowed the first three books from a friend and will start reading them. I wouldn’t mind reading them, even though it takes me forever to get through a book. I love to read and as a budding author, I’ve got a vested interest in these books that consume the interest of a collective general audience.

Plus, as my daughter told me, there is a movie coming out, based on the first book “Twilight”, which just got moved up by three weeks to open on November 21st, 2008. Let’s see if I can read the first book by then, so I don’t sit in the theater scratching my head while everyone around me is in tune with the plot.

Next Week on Scooter Sunday

Next week, Scooter Sunday will be posted late due to my trip to San Francisco. If it all works out like I hope it will, I’ll have something different to post, which will involve scooters. Stay tuned.