Hello. My name is Marty Mankins and it’s been ten days since the last blog post here on Banal Leakage. [thanks to Hilly]

To be more accurate, it’s been twenty days since the last time I [me personally] posted a real blog post. Sure, there was the post of photos that I put up here on my last day in Hawaii, but March 5th was the last time I posted anything of substance out here.

It’s not that I don’t love blogging. And it most certainly isn’t that I don’t like making videos and posting them here for my readers. Because I still love doing both.

A planned episode of Snowy Sunday still sits on my hard drive, almost completed.

There’s another almost completed post where I will tell you all about my trip to Hawaii.

And there’s a bonus video of some footage I took in Hawaii that I’m sure everyone will like. [a suggestion by a few of you]

But there’s no hiding the obvious: I’ve been pretty quiet here this month.

In my defense, I do have some good reasons.

I was ordered not to blog or make videos while on vacation in Hawaii, which was an order I willingly obeyed. I twittered some and updated Facebook from my phone a few times, but left the blogging to my guest hosts.

I can attribute some of it to being busy at my day job, which gets credit for doing a great job at saving almost all of the work on my projects until I returned back from Hawaii. I’m catching up, but still have a monster load of work to do in a short period of time.

I have spent time working on some of my stories, one of which looks like it will see publication here soon [more details coming soon].

I also have my share of personal interruptions from all sides: family, friends and others who have various questions, physical needs [moving desks for sister-in-law] and help with random tech needs. No complaints, but in reality, it’s time that takes me away from blogging.

I really didn’t plan to let this happen. Perhaps I really needed a break, even after a vacation.

I’m not stressed about it. Really, I’m not. I’m more wanting to make sure that I don’t turn this into some unplanned, extended hiatus. No worries… I don’t think that will happen.

I’ll be back to posting on a regular basis again [which is at least two posts a week]. In fact, I should have my Hawaii vacation recap post and a new Snowy Sunday video up here soon, [hopefully before this coming Sunday] as well as that bonus video I mentioned above. But for now, this is what it is – for the last twenty days and most likely until the end of the month.

I’ve got a great month planned in April for this place. So sit tight, enjoy the temporary silence, and I will post again soon. I promise.