On my last post, I documented my trip to the Grand Canyon. Also part of the trip was a visit to Phoenix to my favorite burger joint and to meet up with one of my favorite bloggers.


In-N-Out Burger - Phoenix

One of my favorite burger joints ever since I can remember is In-N-Out Burger. I grew up in California where there are many locations. But up until recently, In-N-Out hadn’t graced the Beehive State. The closest current location is a four-hour drive in St. George. Since my daughter and I were so close to Phoenix while visiting the Grand Canyon, it would seem wrong to not make the under two-hour trek to enjoy a tasty treat.

Double Double, fries animal style
Fries animal style, Double Double, grilled onions, cheeseburger

Fortunately, the Salt Lake area will be getting In-N-Out locations this winter. I will have to limit my visits to once a month to keep it real [and keep me from turning into a tub of double-double goo].

Blogger Meetup

Marty and Kevin

One of the bloggers that I’ve been reading for some time now is Kevin Spencer. He’s a British guy living in Phoenix and is not only a big fan of The Cure and Depeche Mode like myself, but he also takes some very stunning and incredible perspective photos.

As it turns out, he had never met another blogger in person. I was his first, um… blogingly speaking. We decided to meet up at a place called The Fish Market.

The Fish Market
The Fish Market in Phoenix, AZ

The food was very good and so was the company. Not only did I learn a lot more about Kevin than I knew from his blog, we had a nice chat about all sorts of subjects. And as he found out, I’m quite the chattering fool when it comes to discussing my favorite subjects.

And my daughter Tiffany joined in the conversation as well, being extra patient with her dad and a fellow blogger.

Marty, Tiffany and Kevin

It was great to meet Kevin in person and be able to put a face with the name and the pictures.


A Quick Giveaway

Ok, to celebrate back to school time, I’ve got a few SD cards laying around that I’m going to giveaway. To enter to win, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post and mention who was your first blogger that you met in person. If you’ve not met anyone yet, then tell me what blogger event you would like to attend someday.

Giveaway SD cards

As shown in the picture, there is an 8gb SD card, a 2gb SD card and a 1gb SD card. I will pick 3 random comments [from 3 different people, for those that leave more than one comment]. I will announce the winners next week.