Listed in my blog roll are the blogs I read and visit on a regular basis. is one of them. In fact, it’s one of the first I started reading [for well over 3 years now] when I discovered all of the blogging goodness that was out there. I mean, who doesn’t love Little Dave and Bad Monkey.

The First Meetup
Rio Grande

Back in April, Dave came to Salt Lake City for a visit, where my wife [then fiance] and I met up with him at the Rio Grande Cafe. At the time, Dave was all hopped on pain killers, even though that didn’t affect his ability to share stories and make us laugh.

Dave Lake City 2
Hard Rock Cafe – Salt Lake City, UT

When I heard he was coming back into town recently, I thought of all the other blogger events that have recently happened: Davecago, Dave Diego… and the hoards of people walking around with buttons and lanyards. At that point, I had to admit it. I had lanyard envy. I wanted to live in a city with tons of bloggers where a meetup was like a house party, walking around with their names hung around their necks.

So when Dave walked into the Hard Rock Cafe last night, what did he have with him?


Elated as can be, I proudly put on the lanyard. Unfortunately, my wife wasn’t able to attend. But Dave did not disappoint. As you can see above, he had brought her a lanyard as well. [she says “That was very nice of Dave to do that”]

Small, But Cool

So even though there was only two of us, Dave Lake City 2 was a blast. We had dinner, drinks and even dessert. [sorry, no pics of the sorbet and ice cream sundae we consumed]

Marty and Dave
Marty and Dave at Dave Lake City 2, Hard Rock Cafe, SLC, UT
Next time

And that ends another Dave Lake City blogger event. Can’t wait for Dave Lake City 3. Click here for Dave’s post on Dave Lake City 2.