oreo lemon twist
Lemon Twist Oreos

In my quest to try new flavors of Oreos, I found the Lemon Twist flavor at the store a couple weeks ago.


oreo lemon twist
Upright view of the Oreo

I’m not a huge fan of lemon flavor things, whether it’s a pie, cake or cookie. But I ended up liking these. They are not that sweet and it doesn’t taste all weird or chemical/artificial flavor. The lemon is the just the right amount of zest.

I think I like the golden cookie vs. the chocolate cookie, which tends not to leave your mouth all chocolate-ty and crumbly. Of course, there is no way the chocolate and lemon would work for an Oreo, at least that’s my opinion.

oreo lemon twist
Flat view of the Oreo

The idea that this is a different flavor makes me wonder how many different flavors of Oreos Nabisco will end up creating. Can a Tiramisu Oreo be that far off?