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Episode 008

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  • Title: Free To Judge
  • – Saturday was National Margarita Day; I celebrated many times throughout the day. A love for tequila for a long time. I prefer them on the rocks.
  • – Next Sunday is the Oscars; I am looking forward to watching, so will be recording podcast before Sunday.
  • News – Story 1: Arizona House and Senate pass “Religious Freedom” law
  • – allows private businesses to discriminate against LGBT on the basis of religious belief; this started with New Mexico lawsuit by gay couple to a photographer; I disagree with the lawsuit; businesses have always been able to refuse service to anyone; refuse to serve people for any reason; sad it’s based on who they are; laws passed by Republicans to pass these laws are normally for less government in our lives; those against gays see this as being able to exercise their religious beliefs through their business; bill waiting for Gov. Jan Brewer waiting to sign or veto this law; wasn’t aware that the treatment and exclusion of gays was something Jesus taught; regardless, this screams of discrimination since the gov’t is passing a law.
    – Link to article: Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer in pressure cooker over ‘anti-gay’ bill

  • News – Story 2: Protests in Kiev, Ukraine
  • – the unrest in the country up until Saturday morning was horrific; hundreds dead trying to fight government oppression; protesters took over the gov’t; president of Ukraine fled and location is unknown; hoping this change will help bring democracy to Ukraine like it has to other countries in recent years like Egypt. people tired of being repressed by gov’t; people want a say what happens in their gov’t; unfortunate for the loss of life.
    – Link to article: Protesters seize Ukraine president’s office, take control of Kiev

  • News – Story 3: Microsoft Windows 8 Failed
  • – 200 million licenses sold, but it’s not unseating installed base of Windows 7 and Windows XP; support for XP ends in April; no more updates or service packs; user interface difficult to get used to; businesses are slow to replace computers with OS installed; even with recent release of Windows 8.1 update, which is free to all Windows 8 users, not helping to gain trust; Windows 9 on the horizon in the next year, bringing back the Start button; not sure why Start menu went away. Metro/tile interface is different to use.
    – Link to article: Windows 8 has failed

  • RANT: Tall people at concerts that stand in front of you
  • – you go to the concert you have been waiting to see (The Pixies); you get there early to get a place up front; the opening band starts; 5 mins later, some dude that’s at least 6 inches taller than you pushes his way past you and stands right in front of you; doesn’t move for several songs; he leaves and you rejoice; then someone else taller takes his place a few songs into the headlining bands set. I know they are just trying to get a better spot, but can they look around to see that they are tall enough to block the views of others; you can see if you stand behind me.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Cindy Crawford turned 48 this last week
  • – always was my supermodel crush; a good 25 years ago, I bought her calendars, read every article she was in, bought the 1988 issue of Playboy with her nude pictorial (and the one she did in 1998); watched “Fair Game” and bought it on DVD; admire her today for still being a stunning woman of beauty; had two children; now helps her husband Rande Gerber and George Clooney, promote his Casamigos tequila brand.

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