Stuff that doesn’t fit in one of the other blog posts. That’s called Random Leakage.

Someone Loves My Blog

While reading the list of blogs in my feed reader, I saw that Winter of Sunlight Sucks included this blog on her list of eight awards she gave out. Thanks, Winter.

I Love Your Blog award

Here’s the rules of the award:

I figure most of the seven blogs I’m going to pass this out to have already received this award. But that doesn’t matter. I mean, don’t actors win multiple Oscars or Emmys?

  • Avitable – Adam’s blog posts are always so random, but funny, entertaining and sometimes shocking. But I look forward to each one.
  • Blogography – Dave’s blog was the first I started reading and it’s one I make sure to read each post. Bad Monkey Rules!
  • Down With Pants – Brandon always finds subjects that appeal to me and a host of others.
  • Kapgar – Kevin’s entries are always based on a song lyric. How can you not like that?
  • Ilax Studio – I like Kimberly and her blog posts are always intriguing and thought provoking.
  • Kevin Spencer – He’s “An Englishman in Phoenix”, loves the music and his blog posts are entertaining and fun to read.
  • Blog of Whall – Wayne… what can I say about Wayne’s blog? I mean, who doesn’t like the DITL or MISC posts he does? Don’t answer that… just go watch and read.

If I didn’t include your blog, it’s not that I didn’t care. It’s that getting all of these links together and posting this took more time than I thought it would. Yep, I don’t roll like that. But I still like you. Oh, and I may have missed posting comments on each of the winner’s blogs. Just check your incoming links to see something from Banal Leakage. Again, I’m exercising my lazy side.

Site Changes and Tweaks

I’ve made a few minor changes to the blog, including one that was done right after my last blog changes [which was using a Word Press template that now works with IE 6]. Nilsa from SoMi asked about adding a link to the comments section in each post. This would make it so when you read a blog entry, when you read the end, you don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top just to get to the comments. Turns out it was an easy fix so now in each post, there’s a link to comments.

The other part that I am wanting to I have now found a fix is for Wayne at He uses a Blackberry, but since I added the Filosofo comment preview plugin sometime ago, he’s not been able to use the comments on his phone. I like the idea of the comment preview, but maybe I need to switch to an edit plugin. My guess is that an edit option for your comment may be more useful, as it will allow you to make a change AFTER you’ve posted it. I’ve now disabled the comment preview plugin and added the wp-ajax-edit-comments plugin. It’s been up a couple of days and seems to be working ok, including a comment posted from Wayne.

Snackie TeeVee
Snackie TeeVee

I’m trying to spread myself thin these days, especially so out on the blogosphere. Hilly from Snackie’s World has revived her TV blog, called Snackie TeeVee. And since I regularly watch a total of TWO shows, I thought, “What the hell…” and decided to ask Hilly if I could write up some reviews. And she said, “YES, YOU FOOL!” [not her exact words]. I’ll be doing a weekly post on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and doing a wrap up on Season 4 of Weeds, with a summary post on the entire series. I may actually take on another show, but not sure at this point. I do have shitloads of other personal projects that I want to finish before the end of the year [some before the end of the month], but that shouldn’t stop me from sharing my views on a couple of television shows I like to watch.

Burn After Reading
Brad Pitt as Chad in

On Monday night, we went to see “Burn After Reading”, the new Coen Brothers movie [the same guys who did last year’s Best Picture winner “No Country For Old Men” and a host of other great films like “The Big Lebowski” and “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”. The cast is stellar, with John Malkovich, George Clooney, Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt. The story has many twists and turns in it, loaded with many “What The Fuck” statements [mostly from Malkovich’s character, Oswald Cox] with a plot that’s easy to follow without too much trouble. It’s humorous, but pretty dark. People get picked off, shot, axed and beat up a lot. And Brad Pitt excels as Chad Feldheimeran, an over-enthused gym instructor, who is consistently funny throughout the film. Highly recommended for any Coen fan as you will get all of the inside jokes and digs, as well as enjoy the dark humor laced with that real world touch.

And That’s All…

And that ends another round of random goodness.