tintfa July 2013

A bit late in posting this [14 days late to be exact] but here is my latest TINTFA update.

What I Accomplished

Here’s what I got done in July (and the first half of August)

  • Got down to 169 lbs.
  • Posted the first episode of Scooter Sunday Season 5
  • Turned 50 (and survived to write about it)
  • What I Am Still Working On

  • Three Book Series [I do actually small bits of updates on the first two books]
  • From The Jigger video podcast [still need a better microphone to improve the sound quality]
  • Getting to the gym more often [I only went twice so far in August and 9 times in July]
  • Reading Books [I took two books with me while traveling last week and my wife read one of them]
  • September 1st Awaits

    Another update in two weeks. Let’s see how much more I can get done between now and then, shall we.

    Again, thank you for your support – both written and silent – on completing my TINTFAs. It helps, believe it or not.