jumpin jack
The latest new Doritos flavor – Pepperjack

As I’ve blogged about my like/love of Doritos before, I found a new flavor – Pepperjack. Or as they are official known as: Jumpin’ Jack. Packed with all the spices and cheese additives to make these have a taste similar to eating pepper jack cheese that’s infused onto each chip, Doritos has found another flavor to sell to us fans.

Zest and Kick

jumpin jack
Each chip packed with flavor and a kick

I admit that these chips sounded good just looking at the bag. But taste wise, they lived up to their enticing display. The kick.. GREAT! The spice and flavor… TOPS! The burn after eating 30 in one sitting… WORTH THE PAIN!

What didn’t I like about them? They do a nasty bit of damage to your breath. I’ve had a few people confirm that for me [I don’t get many kisses from my wife after snacking on these chips]. But lack of affection aside, they are really good. Worth going solo for the night.